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Fender Princeton - Before cleaning with Cranky's Amp SprayFender Princeton - After cleaning with Cranky's Amp Spray
Cranky's Amp Spray Solution

Fine Tolex Restoration Cleaner 

Worlds' finest amplifier care spray safely restores the Tolex, knobs, cords, cables, feet, and even control panels. Ideal solution for all amplifier surfaces. Fine spray tip and convenient size eliminates mess and waste. Cleans and restores sheen and pliability in one step. Use on almost every amplifier surface.*
Fender Rusty Filthy FaceplateCleaned_up_faceplate
Cranky's Amp Spray Bottle

About Our Spray

Cranky's Amp Spray Solution is a specially formulated blend of environmentally friendly ingredients. Engineered exclusively for Cranky's, our proprietary formula has undergone extensive lab testing. 

The product of years of refinement, and field testing on some of the worlds most sought after amplifiers. De-oxidizing action restores material surfaces and slows aging. UV protection blocks harmful light rays and protects color from fading. Long lasting treatment. 

Cranky's Amp Spray Solution will make a visible difference on all amplifiers new and old. Our spray is the first and last step in caring for your amplifiers appearance.

What surfaces can I clean?

Almost every surface of your amplifier! Including tolex, grill cloth, knobs, cords, feet, and control panels. 

OTHER USES include: guitar cases, ham radios, cameras, CD cases, and more. Be creative!

It is NOT recommended for use on cotton, wood, glass or water based paints. 

How much do I need?

For thirsty restoration work, a single 2 ounce bottle will save: 

Five Amplifier Heads or three x 4x12 speaker cabinets, or four speaker-amplifier combo amps with reverb tank bag, or two 4x12 speaker cabinets with 2 amplifier heads!

Does it leave any residue?

Cranky's Amp Spray Solution does not leave any foul odor, perfume, or residue. Does not attract dust! 

No one who owns or cares for an amp should be without this! Repair shops, retailers, rentals, collectors, and EBAYer's, this means you!
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